The Duck Master

Gordy Oates has had gumbo mud between his toes since he could walk.  The Oates Family has hunted and owned property

in the White/Cache River bottoms since the early 1950's.  Gordy started hunting with his Grandfather and Father when he was

5 years old.  His family hunted ducks for the love of it, and not for the social status it presented.  Although Gordy has never

entered a calling contest to blow for notariaty or to win a trophy, He has however, learned to master the art of calling ducks

by listening to actual wild Mallards.   With that live research and by practicing the sounds they make, he then fine tuned

his calls to imitate them.  Using all of this knowledge.  Gordy has now produced the perfect calls to fool ol' Mr. Greenhead

into shotgun range.  The goal, and motto of the Duck Master Call line, is to "Fool a big old orange footed

Greenhead into range, and shoot him in the Face." It's that simple.  We sincerely believe if you purchase a Duck Master Call,

and learn the proper way to blow it.  You too will be able to bag your limit of ducks.